Zorica Puškar-Gallien

Leibniz-ZAS Berlin


I am a researcher at the Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS) in Berlin. I received my PhD at the University of Leipzig.

Areas of interest:

  • form-meaning mismatches in grammatical phenomena
  • phi-features, class features, their formal representation and their role in agreement
  • hybrid nouns, the interaction of (semantic and grammatical) gender as well as (semantic and grammatical) number features and the manifestations of their interactions in hybrid agreement patterns
  • case, and its relation to agreement
  • ways of understanding and defining, and constraining locality in the grammar (derivational, representational, definitive, relative)
  • motivation for the operations Agree and Move and their interaction (in what order they apply, what drives them both locally and long-distance)
  • the syntax of coordination and conjunct agreement